Elizabeth Hurley Elizabeth Jane Hurley was born in 1985 and this explains why she is so vibrant and energetic. She is not only a model but also an actress having been featured in a number of popular movies. As an actress she chose to forgo the Hollywood lifestyle for farming and did quite well. She even went further and bought a 400 acre piece of land somewhere in England which she turned organic. To be specific she bought the land in the Gloucestershire parts of the country side considered to be rich and favorable land for any crop planting.

It was exactly within five years that she turned the piece of land into an organic farm which was not a common thing during those times. Elizabeth Jane Hurley has a very beautiful family and this land acted as the ideal base for her and her family members whom she adored very much. She used to dedicate some of her time from her busy life so as to spend time with them and this was ideal when she needed to escape from the busy city life.

She is a true conservative by the fact that she turned her land organic as she hated the idea of using chemicals as many preferred. In fact she hated the whole process of watching someone pour the chemicals on the land. To some extent you can understand her stand as chemical components don’t always guarantee you fertile land as it also kills the vital organisms found in the soil. This basically was her idea of caring for the less fortunate in the society, whether animals or humans.

She also has a collection of Gloucestershire cattle, Gloucester old spot pigs and Lyn sheep as she adores all of them equally. This collection can be demanding and that’s where her family comes in; to help around when the need arises. Her brother Michael is the farm manager and her mother is the Bo Peep of the whole family. They make up a very united team which is very rare to find even in the noble families around. The produce harvested from the farm is sold at the Cirencester Farmers market where they own a stall and other produce is sold in the surrounding butcheries and restaurants at very reasonable prices.

Her unique capabilities have enabled her to partner with Prince Charles’ company where she develops organic and healthy food products for consumer consumption and her first crop to win her that niche was wheat and oat. She is yet to release recipes that will include products from her farm. The products will be fat free meant for women who are known to increase weight abruptly over short periods of time.